assassins creed hd apk free download

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Installation Guide for Android, Windows & Mac

Installation for Android:
1. Choose your Screen Resolution of your phone
2. Download APK and OBB FILE 
3. Copy the obb folder assassinscreed
4. Paste to your Internal or sdcard/gameloft/games/ “and paste here the obb  folder”
5. Install the APK and PLAY

Assassins Creed HD APK Free Download – you are Altair, the best hitman to whom the words “conscience” and “morals” are unknown, for him the side which pays more is right. Murder of 8 men which death has to stop the third crusade became his next task. But not everything is so simple, these victims keep very dark secret, which unsafe not only for the Holy Land, but also for the whole world. Battles in the game will take place in real time, the main task “capture the target” and to snatch out a sword. Altair has some types of weapon: dagger, short sword which are necessary for near fight, arbalests, powder bombs, smoke bombs and fighting anchor for distant fight, and his own fists. Now only in your power to stop terrible misfortune, and money departs far back, when the whole world is at stake! Action of the game happens during an era of the Third Crusade (1191) and in parallel in the near future (2012). Management is very qualitative and convenient, is realized through a sensor. Game differs with excellent graphics, a qualitative portrayal of heroes and districts, and also all movements that the hero makes are very realistic and perfectly worked. On a game course you will need to collect blue shining spheres which define your experience, after collecting a certain number of these spheres you will be able to improve the hero.

Release Update: February 5, 2008
Developer/Publisher: Gameloft
Version: HD Version
Platform: Android
Language: English

assassins creed hd apk free download

Assassins Creed HD APK Data Download


Assassins Creed HD APK Free Download – Defeat templars to be able to end your crusades. The new assassins relating to the crusaders and also saracens is actually tearing your holy property apart. The fate from the holy land is determined by you. Plunge directly into this strong prequel towards critically acclaimed, offering prosperous gameplay along with a well balanced mix of stealth, disorderly action, and puzzle solving exploration in the midst of the thoroughly rendered, historical heart eastern environments from the crusades. Incredible number of acrobatic moves for a very rewarding gaming experience. Weapons pertaining to both shut combat and also long range attacks swords, daggers, grappling hook varieties, and bombs. Skill primarily based mini game titles put your own patience & dexterity towards test accomplish pickpocket techniques and help make informants chat. Unique stunning tension, intensified by cinematic cut scenes and also character voices. Collect orbs in order to upgrade health and weapons. Highly refined graphics supplying full immersion right into a true to life medieval heart east atmosphere.


1190 AD during the Third Crusade, Crusaders clash with Saracens for control of the Holy City, Jerusalem.

Altaïr is tasked by Al-Mualim to retrieve the Chalice. It is said to have the power to unite all factions and end the Third Crusade in victory for the side that possesses it. However, the Chalice is too powerful and must be found and destroyed.

The assassin, Altaïr, begins his journey at Damascus, where he learns that the Chalice is kept in the Temple of the Sand and that Altaïr needs three keys to enter it. Altaïr obtains the first of three keys in Damascus, then heads to Tyre for more keys.

Arriving in Tyre, he learns that Roland Napule is head of the hospital. Altair infiltrates the hospital and gets the second key from a prisoner of Roland, an old man who has been to the mysterious temple of the Chalice.

Altaïr then travels to Jerusalem, learning that the Templar leader, Basilisk, has the third key. The king is going to have a party somewhere soon. He finds out the location of Villa where the party is about to begin, infiltrates it and encounters Lord Basilisk for the first time. After a battle with him Altair gets the key, but has no time to kill him.

Later in Jerusalem, Templars attack an assassin agent, Hazad, and steal the map to the desert temple. Altaïr chases them to their tower. After making his way through, Altair finds the way to the tower and its Master, an assassin-like figure who is actually a high-ranking Templar. Altair fights his way through the tower, and finally reaches the Master himself, kills him and takes the map.

Altaïr then proceeds to the Temple of the Sand, where the Chalice is probably kept. There, he finds an empty chest and Lord Basilisk, who hints that the Chalice is in fact a woman. Basilisk taunts him, and Altaïr runs back to Tyre.

In Tyre, Altaïr pursues Basilisk and finally agrees on a deal: Basilisk’s life in exchange for information. Basilisk reveals that the Chalice is in Jerusalem, and that the Templars are sieging Acre and are going to poison the water to quicken the siege.

Altaïr journeys to besieged Acre and helps the city by fighting off attacking Templar soldiers. He then goes to Jerusalem, where he successfully rescues the Chalice from a group of Templars. Altair identifies the Chalice as Adha, the woman he knew and liked before the events of the game. From her, he learns that the Templars have paid off Harash, the second-in-command of the Assassins.

Altaïr plans to attack Aleppo, the assassin fortress, kill Harash and run away with Adha, but after making his way through Harash’s assassin guards and killing him, Adha is kidnapped by Basilisk and taken to their port in Tyre.

Altaïr fights through the Templar knights and kills Lord Basilisk in one final confrontation on his ship. But Adha is on a different ship, which escapes before Altaïr can catch it.

Game features:

  • 3D Nice Graphics
  • Many Stages and Good Story
  • 3rd Person Action Game
  • Lots of Action and Cut Scene
  • Support All Screen Resolution and Android Version Device (Tested on Android 6 Marshmallow with 1080P Display)

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MOD Full Description: Assassins Creed HD MOD APK

  • HD Version

assassins creed hd apk free download

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