tom clancy rainbow six shadow vanguard download android

Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard HD APK Free Download Links:

Installation Guide for Android, Windows & Mac

Installation for Android:
1. Please choose screen size of your phone above
2. Download APK and OBB
3. Extract OBB and copy the data folder GloftR6HP
4. Paste to your Internal or sdcard/gameloft/games/ “and paste GloftR6HP folder
5. Install the APK and PLAY

Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard HD APK Free Download – For the first time on iPhone and iPod touch, enjoy an FPS experience that allows you to lead a team of elite soldiers! A global terrorist organisation threatens the world balance. Only one team can prevent this: The Rainbow Unit! Play 11 thrilling missions to defeat a dangerous and well-organized terrorist group.

Release Update: March 17, 2011
Developer/Publisher: Gameloft
Version: v1.1.6
Platform: Android
Language: English

rainbow six shadow vanguard hd apk free download

Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard HD APK Data Download


Parents need to know that Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard HD APK Free Download is a first person shooting game filled with plenty of killing. You’re in control of an elite military squad, out to take down a global terrorist organization with the latest weapons and gadgets. Red spurts of blood can be seen when shooting at enemies. Along with realistic violence and blood, there is some mild profanity and references to drugs. The Gameloft Live! opt-in feature allows players to connect to strangers, including the ability to text chat online with others.


Captain Federico Gonzalez joins Rainbow as the Alpha Team leader. The team is then assigned to work with a corporation, Infinario, which does charity work and studies the Ebola virus. Its CEO is John Brightling. They face a plot by the Phoenix Group, an environmental terrorist organization. Team Rainbow soon discovers that Infinario is behind the attacks and wants to release the virus. Rainbow storms the Olympic stadium and stops the release, and then captures Brightling, who reveals that he was only trying to speed up the inevitable decline of humanity.

Game features:

  • Cover: In PvE, available cover locations are shown as buttons on the game interface. Allies cover when the button is tapped. Players can take cover with an action button. Players can pre-aim for hipfiring when in cover.
  • Revive: All operators carry a nanoglobulin Stim syringe that can be used to revive injured friendly operators. They also serve to revive civilians who appear in Operation Fire Walk.
  • Loadout: Equipment crates found in the maps allow for changing the loadout. Silencers can be installed or removed at anytime by double-tapping the weapon icon; AI allies follow the player’s choice. Ammunition for the primary weapon is also dropped from dead enemies.
  • Tagging: A maximum of two enemies can be marked with a tap for AI allies to priortize on. The marks follow enemy movements.
  • Snake Camera: A camera can be sent behind doors to tag enemies.
  • Door Breaching: In addition to opening doors by the player, AI allies can be instructed to “flash and clear” and to open the doors and clear.
  • Allies: Gonzales is always accopmanied by demolitions expert Paul Akindele, who can plant C4 explosives and recon specialist Sergeant Hae Jun Kim, who can hack computers.
  • Heartrate Sensor: An icon at the bottom of the screen show whether enemies nearby are alert.

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MOD Full Description: Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard HD APK Free Download MOD APK

  • Playable to all Android Version
  • Great graphics
  • Many missions
  • Different weapons
  • Absorbing gameplay

rainbow six shadow vanguard hd apk free download

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